The Alberta Avenue supports the business community from NAIT to Northlands along 118th Avenue 11739 88 St NW Edmonton, AB T5B 3R6 Phone: 780-471-2602

Avenue Initiative Revitalization


The Avenue Initiative is re-energizing 118th Avenue from NAIT to Northlands. The City and the community are working together to improve streets, businesses, and green spaces to foster a vibrant community life on the Avenue.


Arts on the Ave sees 118 Ave, between NAIT to Northlands, as a place whose “personality” is vividly expressed through the arts. This place has a dynamic momentum, “an arts pulse” where the artist and community continually engage. 9351-118 Avenue Edmonton, AB, Canada T5G 0N3 phone: 780.471.1580


Northlands is committed to providing the best in entertainment experiences and business opportunities. Creating tomorrow’s memories everyday. PO Box 1480 Edmonton, Alberta, CA T5J 2N5 P. 780.471.7210

Neighbourhood Empowerment Team


Strong communities and shared responsibility for crime prevention are at the foundation of the Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (N.E.T.) program. Teams work with residents, businesses and organizations. Contact: Community Capacity Builder 780-499-8987


Bent Arrow provides program and services that build on the strengths of Aboriginal children, youth and their families to enable them to develop spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally so they can walk proudly in both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. Parkdale School 11648 – 85 Street NW Edmonton, AB T58 3E5 Phone: 780.481.3451


118th Avenue from NAIT to Northlands is home to 7 Community Leagues. Each Community League offers a variety of programs, sports as well as advocates on behalf of the residents. Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues is the umbrella organization that works with all community Leagues throughout the city. phone: 780.437.2913

  • List of Community Leagues

    Alberta Avenue


    9210 – 118th Avenue

    Edmonton, AB  T5G 0N2

    Phone: 780-477.2273



    12325-88 st

    Edmonton AB, T5B 3S9

    Phone: 780.477.3326



    11803 86 St NW,

    Edmonton, AB T5B 3J9

    Phone: 780.477.2354


    Elmwood Park


    16415 83 Ave NW,

    Edmonton, AB T5R 3V8,

    Phone: 780.489.2179


    Parkdale Cromdale


    11335 85 Street

    Edmonton, AB  T5B 4S1

    Phone: 780.471.4410




    12139 105 street

    Edmonton, AB T5G 2R8

    Phone: 780. 474.1979


    Spruce Avenue


    10240 – 115 Avenue,

    Edmonton, Alberta, T5B 0L8

    Phone: 780.471.1932


Crystal Kids is a supervised youth drop-in centre that provides structured programs directed toward preventing abuse, school dissociation, criminal activity, and promoting academics, self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, and creativity. 8718-118 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5B 0T1 Ph: (780) 479-5283


Edmonton Mennonite Centre is an immigrant settlement agency whose focus is the successful and integrative settlement of newcomers to Edmonton. The agency operates in an inclusive environment, with a welcoming atmosphere and a holistic approach to settlement practices. 8914 – 118 Avenue Edmonton AB T5B 0T6 phone: 780-421-7400 fax: 780-428-4252


As one of only two polytechnics in the province, NAIT holds a key place in Alberta’s post-secondary landscape. In this video, NAIT’s president, Dr. Glenn Feltham, explains how a polytechnic is different than a college or university Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 11762 – 106 Street NW Edmonton, AB, Canada T5G 2R1 780.471.NAIT (780.471.6248)


The Rat Creek Press is a not-for-profit community newspaper in north central Edmonton serving the communities of Alberta Avenue Delton, Eastwood, Elmwood Park, Parkdale, Spruce Avenue and Westwood. Focus is stories of neighbourhood diversity, hardworking organizations, independent businesses, interesting residents, historical buildings, and the amazing festivals and events that bring our community together. 9210 118 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5G 0N2 Voicemail: 780.479.6285


Located in the heart of Alberta Avenue, Sprucewood Library offers a wide variety of program and services including, book magazines, computer, and internet. 11555 95 Street Edmonton AB T5G 1L5 (780) 496-7099